22 September 2021

Authority of Banking Supervision And Regulation By Bank Indonesia And Financial Services Authority (OJK)

09 September 2019
This study analyzes the regulatory and supervisory authority of banks conducted by the Financial Services Authority set out in Law no. 21 of 2011 which was previously undertaken by Bank Indonesia in fact to apply the principles of prudence and good faith principles to banks in order to prevent the risk of banking crime. Banking supervision and regulation after the issuance of the OJK Law (Financial Services Authority), Bank Indonesia as the central bank only acts as a monetary policy regulator to maintain monetary stability. The problem in this research is about the concept of law of regulation and supervision of banking sector by OJK and how the legal relationship with Bank Indonesia. The type of research used is juridical normative, then the data used secondary data and primary data, the approach in this study using conceptual approach, and komporatif. Bank Indonesia's regulatory and supervisory duties transferred to OJK are only related to microprudential, and the banking arrangements by Bank Indonesia are still conducted by Bank Indonesia only macroprudential, while the regulation of banking by OJK is not fully independent.

Authority of Land Procurement Committee In The Implementation of Compensation For Land Acquisition

11 September 2017
The enactment of the Basic Agrarian Law in Indonesia creates dualism in land law that is sourced from customary law and on western law. The Basic Agrarian Law ends the dualism and creates the unification of our national land law. In the consideration of the Basic Agrarian Law it is stated that the need for a national agrarian law, based on customary law on land. In addition, article 5 of Basic Agrarian Law states that national land law is customary law; it indicates a functional relationship between customary law and national land law. In the development of national land law, customary law serves as a primary source in taking the necessary materials. Related to positive national law of land, customary law norms serve as complementary laws. In solving the problem, the author uses a sociological juridical problem approach to describe and analyze problems based on legal provisions and legal facts prevailing in the wider community. The results is then classified and material that can be used as to solve problems is determined
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